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About Social media marketing in Coquitlam

Social Media Marketing Services specialize in improving brand exposure and opening a line of communication between the audience and the manufacturer or service provider. Our social media specialists can empower your business by leveraging the broad reach of social media platforms to promote your brand, conduct open channel communications with audiences and increase traffic to your website.

Every social media platform is different, and so is every business. That’s why all our campaigns are tailor-made by our social media specialists. This includes conducting intensive market research, analyzing data to draw meaningful conclusions and using these results to improve your brand reputation and followers organically.

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How could Social Media in Coquitlam help you to grow your business?

­­­With a 10.1 % yearly growth, the total number of social media users is 4.6 billion. Social Media remains the most effective tool to gain massive exposure and traffic. When you start engaging in social media, your brand has an opportunity to reach these billions of people 

Businesses that post actively on social media are considered more user-centric 

After establishing a decent follower base on a social media platform and engaging with customers, these conversations become a data goldmine that gives insight into customer demand, trends, and expectations from your business

SEO is linked to social media presence as well. If you don’t have a website but have a solid follower base and active social engagement, then google will still rank you on the search page. However, it will show your social media account instead of your website link on the search page.

Social Media marketing can open up an avenue to lead generation and conversion. You can leverage the advertisement features like FB/IG marketplace to give your sales a hard boost. 

Social media pages come with business-centric features such as call-to-action buttons, an inbuilt app for direct messages, booking an event, and inviting guests for an event such as a product launch.

Benefits of hiring an SMM agency in Coquitlam

Managing multiple social media accounts from different platforms can be a daunting task. It’s better to leave the critical aspects of the job to a professional SMM agency.

Social Media is the perfect tool to get faster brand recognition within a shorter span, provided you have the skills, tools and technology. This is where SMM agencies can help. They have all the resources required to run successful SMM campaigns.

Social Media audiences are most likely to follow your page if they find your post interesting enough to give you a chance. So, in simple terms, your followers are your target audience. Since they are already your follower, turning them into customers won’t be that hard.

Even if someone doesn’t purchase from you, seeing your posts every day is enough to feed your brand name in their mind. So there is a chance they will purchase something in the future to at least give it a try.

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Why choose us as your social media agency in Coquitlam?

Our SMM specialists have a combined experience of 15+ years in the industry, covering 1000+ successful projects from sectors including retail, banking, communication, finances, medicine, manufacturing, fashion, travel, etc.

We don’t overcharge you with hidden or oversell something you don’t need. Transparency and ethical practices are our motto and our organization’s core principles

We offer flexible and customizable packages. You can hire our services on a per-project basis or hourly basis

We don’t rely on old practices. We are a data-driven company that relies on credible statistical data to prepare result-oriented campaigns

We provide monthly reports about the current status of the project. The report includes metrics like follows, likes, shares, growth, awareness, engagements, post-performance, etc. 

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Our ultimate goal is to help businesses achieve their desired outcomes through social media marketing.