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Tech Chimpanzee is one of the leading website development company in Canada, helping in transforming startup websites from landing pages to complex e-learning.

Web Design & Development

WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform, and for good reason. It has both user-friendliness and strength. However, WordPress is being used by more and more companies. WordPress is a great place to start with lots of space for expansion whether you’re a business or blogger looking to establish an online presence. But is the default WordPress theme you’re using right now suffice for your requirements? It’s essential to have a custom WordPress website design. Having a simple internet presence is no longer sufficient. You must distinguish yourself and establish your own professional brand. A WordPress site must also seem professional; it cannot only be attractive.

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Tech Chimpanzee Package For Ux/Ui Design – Responsive Web Design

Make sure your WordPress website has a responsive mobile-first design and is –


You can rely on Tech Chimpanzee to give you creative, highly adaptable, responsive web design solutions.

Website With High Scale

WordPress makes sure that there is adequate area for your website to expand. All sizes of websites are powered by WordPress.

Quick Speeds

WordPress websites load quickly. Your website may load in under three seconds thanks to our speed-optimized theme designs.

Large Visuality

With our bespoke designs that are seo-optimized, we can help you increase the exposure of your website. With its streamlined website code and structure, WordPress is one of the most seo-friendly systems.

Arm yourself with the wordpress website design package from tech chimpanzee. More than 30% of active websites run on the wordpress platform.

Numerous of these websites are well-known in various sectors. As a full-service web design and development firm, tech chimpanzee can provide you with specialized wordpress design and development services that can boost your business’s lead generation efforts, engagement levels, sales conversions, and competitiveness.

The custom WordPress website design services provided in Canada combine the power of branded aesthetics with a high degree of functionality and a superior user experience.

Web Development Services

Core Layout Of Our WordPress Website:

Site Migration & Content Import

Utilize our bespoke site migration service to seamlessly move your current website to the WordPress CMS.

Custom WordPress Themes

With a personalized design from our team of award-winning designers, say goodbye to pre-built theme templates.

Full Website Redesign

With our custom WordPress redesign services, you can give your website a fresh new look and improved functionality.

Intuitive Usability

You will receive advice for digital marketing strategies from our in-house seo and digital marketing professionals, as well as seo implementations that are seamlessly integrated into the website’s design.

We provide more than just fundamental services with our WordPress custom website bundle. We will give you the resources and assistance you need to accomplish your objectives and give you more than enough room to grow your business. We make sure to identify your goals, your target audience, how to engage that audience, how to enhance your current techniques, and how to increase conversions in order to do this. Our business intelligence tools can help in this situation. We provide integrated analytics monitoring and reporting that provides you with comprehensive data insights on a variety of website activities and performance indicators to aid in the development of marketing and sales strategies. Your company ambitions shouldn’t be limited by your money. You’ll receive superior outcomes at cost-effective pricing with our WordPress custom website bundle. Tech chimpanzee has been offering unique website design services for years to businesses of all kinds.

Website Redesign Services

Redesigning a website seems dramatic, and it is. Not just in terms of look, a well-executed website makeover may result in significant changes. Your website could appear to be operating and running as you had hoped. However, did you realise that a website makeover may improve significant elements of your website? With only one redesign, you may boost overall functionality, further improve the user experience, accomplish your digital marketing objectives, and increase the perception of your brand. Redesigning the website is essential. Website redesigns are necessitated by the need to stay up with the changing market, technology, and client needs; it’s not simply about following design trends. Your website must be able to maximize the marketing potential of your brand if you want your business to succeed.

How will you choose when to update your website, though? You must keep the following points in mind:

Issue Of Functionality

Do you need to add a new website feature or are the ones you already have not been functioning properly?

Avoidable Design

Trends in design come and go. A number of the design components on an older website may look antiquated, giving the impression to visitors that the website hasn’t been updated in a while.

Improvements To Navigation And Organization

It might not be obvious at first, but the navigation and organisation of your website could be making it difficult for users to get the information they need or complete conversion-boosting actions.

Outdated Content

Websites for businesses cannot have evergreen content. Your lead nurturing efforts may suffer from outdated content, particularly those on products and services.


A company’s rebranding effort won’t be complete without a website redesign to reflect the changes in the brand’s identity or image. Keeping up with the competition requires a lot of work.

We are the website redesign company you require for the task.

On your website, a few items don’t function properly. Instead of a patch, you’ll need a strong repair. The design staff at tech chimpanzee will provide you fantastic outcomes, such as but not restricted to:

A distinctive, custom-made website with outstanding aesthetic appeal a website with good ux and a user interface that is highly functional website redesigns that are very responsive and future-proof webpage that is optimised for search engines to improve visibility conversion-focused website that boosts income via digital marketing a modern website that performs flawlessly technically

Customized Redesign

Tech chimpanzee is fully aware of the differences between each webpage. Even though a website is the same type as another or sells the same goods, design ideas that may work for one website may not work for another. To better meet the requirements of your website, we provide specialized redesign options.

Our Comprehensive Internal Website Makeover Services Cover The Following: Services For Maintaining Websites

Regularly Updated Websites

Seo Solutions

Webpage That Is Optimised For Search Engines To Improve Visibility Analysis Of The Usability, Conversion, And Substance Of Websites

Our Methodology For Website Design

To combine aesthetics and usefulness, web designers adhere to a number of design principles. The same set of guidelines and concepts apply to online redesign, however most of the time, a redesign focuses on particular flaws in the web design. For instance, a website with a lot of text would draw and keep fewer visitors than a page with more visual components.

With a redesign solution that increases traffic, leads, and conversions, your website’s entire performance will be improved. We’ll give your website a new lease of life in addition to a fresh coat of paint. The online manifestation of your company is its website. Most of the time, it serves as your initial point of contact with clients who were completely unaware of your existence. A visitor’s prejudice for or against your company depends on their complete experience, not simply their initial view of your website. You thus require a website that engages users and motivates them to support your business.

Ui Ux Web Design

In addition to looking attractive, websites also need to be useful. As a full-service web design firm, tech chimpanzee blends expert aesthetics with cutting-edge design approaches to provide your organisation a website that increases conversions. More and more customer-business interactions take place online, with the website serving as the customer’s initial point of contact. First impressions are important, especially if a deal is at stake. However, in addition to making a fantastic first impression, tech chimpanzee’s ui and ux design solutions turn infrequent website visitors into loyal clients.

Website Design: Our Process

One Of The First Things We Focus On Is Appearance, Or Aesthetics. Through Its Theme, Style, Colour Scheme, Content Display, And Visual Components, A Website Should Make A Fantastic First Impression. We Employ Both Static And Dynamic Design Components, Such As Multimedia And Optimised Photographs. Naturally, We Also Use Responsive Web Design To Guarantee That Your Website Looks Well On Screens Of All Sizes.

The Navigation Of A Website May Make Or Break The User Experience. We Make Use Of An Easy-To-Use Navigational Framework. Depending On Your Requirements Or Preferences, You May Choose Between Using Mega Menus (Expandable Menus), Breadcrumb Navigation/Trail (Users Can Keep Track Of Their Location In Relation To Other Portions Of The Website), Or Hamburger Menus For Mobile Devices.

Visuals Keep Website Visitors On Your Page And Moving Around. You May Lead Customers To Do Particular Activities Without Losing Their Attention By Using Intuitive Directional Indications, Captivating Graphic Components, Calls-To-Action, And Offers.

Tech Chimpanzee Package For Ux/Ui Design –

Personalised Web Page Design

Each Page Will Have A Suitable Design That Enhances Both Its Appearance And Usefulness.

Custom Branded Design

With A Tastefully Branded Website That Complements Your Corporate Image And Objectives, We Will Further Improve The User Experience On Your Website. Simple To Luxurious Styles Are Available For You To Choose From And May Be Customised To Suit Your Needs.


The King Is Content. For Your Website, Our Team Of Talented Copywriters Will Provide Engaging Content. Increase Interaction With The Website’s Ux Design-Integrated

Seo-Optimised Content.

Conscious Web Design

Responsive Design Has Been Essential Over The Last Few Years. With Responsive Site Design, Watch Out That You Don’t Lose A Sizable Portion Of Your Target Market. Optimise Your Website For Mobile And Provide A Smooth User Experience Across All Device Sizes.

Seo Resources

Utilise Seo To Gain The Most From Your Website’s Improved Ux And Ui. With The Aid Of Our Team Of Digital Marketing Specialists, Take Pleasure In An Improvement In Your Website’s Search Engine Position And The Resultant Boost In Exposure And Traffic.

Results Of High Quality That Are Measurable Optimised Serp Ranking

You Will See Measurable Changes In Your Website’s Serp Ranking With The Assistance Of

Our Seo And Digital Marketing Professionals.

Improve Your Website Usability

Enhancing User Experience Is A Specialty Of Our Ux And Ui Design Team. The Usability Of The Website May Be Improved On A Broad Scale And May Affect Various Website Components.

Competitive Advantage

Utilise Superior User Experience To Beat Out The Competitors. The Customer’s Perception Of Your Product Or Service As They Use It Is Ultimately What The User Experience Is All About For Your Company.

We Are A Ui Ux Design Company. You’ll Enjoy Your Work

Tech Chimpanzee Is Renowned For Its Brilliant And Accurate Design. We Adhere To Best Practices When It Comes To Ux And Ui Design And Concentrate On Important Details And Problems. Experts Who Are Competitive And Focused On Results Power Tech Chimpanzee. Your Website Can Benefit Greatly From Our Expert Ux And Ui Design Services.

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Tech Chimpanzee is one of the leading website development company in Canada, helping in transforming startup websites from landing pages to complex e-learning.